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Flow of a request and business

flow of a request and business

  • 1, Inquiry
  • Do not to hesitate to ask, please! You could write contact forms on securitized our HP.
    We arrange with the hearing about the contents of consultation, and do adjustment of a schedule.


  • 2, Meeting (usually 1 to 2 hours)
  • Let us know your invention, current and forward expectation of your business, status of market oy your business, please. You and we corporate to create documents by some questions, however your idea is not fixed. Please feel easy.
    When you are less experience about patent or Intellectual Property, We will explain about patent system to you.
    We explain the flow of future procedure, and estimate approximate expense and delivery date of first documents for application.
    A first-time meeting is no charge. Please do not hesitate to consult. A fee for consultation is obtained the 2nd time and afterwards.


  • 3,Payment of an operating request and expense
  • When you accept the content, delivery date and the fee, please request us formally (written request for patent application).


  • 4,Performance of the work and delivery
  • When we confirm your advance payment, we will do the work and deliver the product to you.


  • 5,Settlement and after follow of the expense
  • We will settle the difference between your advance payment and the final fee. Usually, the big difference does not occur. However, when you require additional work or to reduce agreed scheduled time, please understand that additional operating expenses may become big-ticket.
    Mochizuki IP law Firm will serve for you to inform following procedure of the application after that of the matter concerned. Also clients who used us at once will be provided intellectual property information continuously from us.