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Consulting and an adviser contract

consulting and an adviser contract

Mochizuki IP Law Firm has recommended the adviser contract to you who have a request of patent application planned continuously, and whom periodical consultation and counseling are expected. If an adviser contract is made, you have merits, such as discount of the basic fee at the time of application, consultation, and proposal and information dissemination according to the situation of you.

A case in point

  • Service as an external intellectual property part

    Service of intellectual property education, finding or digging invention, acquiring property right, use of intellectual property, intellectual property management, etc. is provided, and business competitive power strengthening, is supported. When required, support of product planning and High-tech Marketing is offered, including High-tech marketing survey, familiar and related prior art research.

  • Invention excavation support

    In order to carry out the invention excavation which contributes to business strengthening, we provide education service of intellectual property, invention proposal, and service of strengthening motivation to a research-and-development person.
    You may have gotten broad range right.

  • Other services

    We provide inner seminar for disruptive technological development project, etc.