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Patent application and trademark registration in Japan, if the patent office.

Office outline

office outline


We support you to be competitive in your business sector by “ MOCHIPAT ” e.g. digging up your idea of invention, acquiring patents and promoting patent use.
By that, We would help to strengthen your business competitive power.

※MOCHIPAT detail


MOCHIPAT mission

MOCHIPAT is a concept in order to solve your problems, to provide solutions with some group of experts. The solution is the best.
We support your staffs to convert from “inspiration” and idea to some invention, and to acquire some patents and to help your business. If necessary, we support high-tech marketing.
Moreover, we utilize the idle patents of other companies said for us to occupy 60% or more of the patents of the Japan whole country, and help your business expansion and new business deployment.
Of course, We support practically to use some idle patents of your company.
It may become the core technology at the time of starting new business.
And we build “the ring of support” which aims at practical use of intellectual property with people which can cooperate with you, and I increase a visitor’s business competitive power.

To support construction of a confidential relationship among users to further easily construct a network